Promising Strategy to Manage UAV Traffic

What is Corridrone?

Corridrone, corridor for drones, is an on-demand end-to-end solution that helps users reserve a virtual corridor in the class-G airspace for UAV mobility. Based on the nature of demand and drones deployed by the user, Corridrone provides an optimal path, multi-lane corridors, embodied with three-layered geofencing to ensure the safety of the drone. Moreover, the geofenced corridors provided by Corridrone are locally adaptive to ensure dynamic obstacle avoidance and efficient conflict resolution, making it a reliable solution to manage dense air traffic.

Three-Layered Geofencing

Safety & Reliability

Conflict Resolution

Dense Traffic Management

Optimal Paths

Higher Operational Speed

Integration with Existing UTM

Quick Deployment

Developed with a collaboration between IISc and RBCCPS.

Concepts developed at

Indian Institute of Science Bengaluru

Partially Funded by

Robert Bosch Center for Cyber Physical System


Poster Presentation: ARTPARK Innovation Summit 22, Connecting the Unconnected

14 March 2022

In `ARTPARK Innovation Summit 22’ hosted by ARTPARK, the team presented different components of CORRIDRONE architecture through a poster presentation.

UTM and Airspace Management: Providing a Green Corridor for the Air Ambulance

24 Feb 2022

In a seminar on ‘Advanced Air Mobility for Healthcare Emergencies’ hosted by ArtPark, the principal investigators explained the significance of air corridors in the mobility of an air ambulance.

First Media Appearance: IISc working on ‘Corridrone’ as India opens up to drone use

6 Oct 2021

In an interview to the Times of India, the Principlal Investigators updated media about the novel drone mobility framework, i.e. CORRIDRONE.

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