CORRIDRONE: Corridors for Drones, An Adaptive On-Demand Multi-Lane Design and Testbed

Publication in arXiv

JULY 2021

Lane Geometry, Compliance Levels, and Adaptive Geo-fencing in CORRIDRONE Architecture

Publication in ICUAS 2021


IISc working on ‘Corridrone’ as India opens up to drone use

Article in Times of India

2 Dec 2020

19 July 2021

6 Oct 2021



Multi-Lane UAV Traffic Management with Path and Intersection Planning

Publication in AIAA SCITECH 2022

Multiple Lane UAV Corridor Planning for Urban Mobility System Applications

Publication in ICUAS 2021

MARCH 2022

ARTPARK Innovation Summit 2022 

Connecting the Unconnected

Poster Presentation

29 Dec 2021

19 July 2021

14 March 2022

Signed Distance Function based Geofencing for UAV Corridor

Publication in AIAA SCITECH 2022


UTM and Airspace Management
Providing a Green Corridor for the Air Ambulance

Talk delivered by PI's of CORRIDRONE

JULY 2022

Project Completed

29 Dec 2021

24 Feb 2022

31 July 2022


Poster Presentation: ARTPARK Innovation Summit 22, Connecting the Unconnected

14 March



Monday 11-17:30 PM




Posters PDF Link


In `ARTPARK Innovation Summit 22’ hosted by ARTPARK, the team presented different components of CORRIDRONE architecture through a poster presentation. The main CORRIDRONE framework, communication architecture, and its different modules, such as corridor design, lane design, conflict resolution, intersection planning, and GUI for the central ground station, are presented through different posters. The team have interacted with various industrial and academy delegates and discussed the feasibility of large-scale implementation of the CORRIDRONE architecture in a dense urban environment. The reader can access posters PDF by clicking here.

UTM and Airspace Management: Providing a Green Corridor for the Air Ambulance



24 Feb



Thursday 2-2:30 PM




Event Video Link

In a seminar on ‘Advanced Air Mobility for Healthcare Emergencies’ hosted by ArtPark, the principal investigators, Prof. Debasish Ghose and Prof. Ashwini Ratnoo, collaboratively addressed the audience and explained the significance of Corridrone in the mobility of an air ambulance. Prof. Ratnoo started the address by pointing out the crucial requirements of an air ambulance, i.e. quick deployment, reliability, portability, and patient comfort and explained how well Corridrone fits in the picture. Session also addressed technical concepts like three layered geofencing, corridor cross-section planning, path planning, and downwash, followed by a few conceptual animations. Continuing the address, Prof. Ghose presented a few more technical concepts like conflict resolution, dynamic obstacle avoidance, Corridrone Architecture, and Graphical User Interface. The address motivated the floor with some promising experimental results carried out both in the lab and in the open sky. Prof. Ghose concluded the talk while emphasising the need for Corridrone infrastructure to send an air ambulance from one point to another. Talk video can be found on YouTube.

First Media Appearance: IISc working on ‘Corridrone’ as India opens up to drone use

06 Oct


Wednesday 11 PM



Times of India

Article Link


Chetahan Kumar, a reporter from the Times of India, interviewed The Principlal Investigators of the CORRIDRONE project. During the interview, Professor Ashwini Ratnoo explained the concept in brief. He said, “It’s a novel drone mobility framework which lays a lot of emphasis on the design of air corridors. These designs are based on the size and capabilities of drones. Pathways in the sky are fundamentally different from those on the ground. While providing greater freedom of design due to their virtual nature, drone corridors present a lot of challenges interrelating traffic efficiency, throughput, drone capability, and safety of operations”. Professor Debasish Ghose said that “The team have received Rs 70 lakh as initial funding from the Robert Bosch Centre for Cyber Physical Systems (RBCCPS) at IISc, while it is in talks with ARTPARK (AI & Robotics Technology Park) for collaboration. We have also discussed the project with the civil aviation secretary”. Read the full article on the Time of India.

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